Session 01

Session Notes

The Campaign starts on the 5th day of the 6th month.

The players start in Wildegaarde where they overhear Farooq Iz-Udin having trouble with the guards because he is not allowed to bring his undead servants off the Galley. They contact him offering their services as escorts for the last leg of his journey to Vertisse agreeing on a price of 75 gold per person.

They find out that along with his other wares, Farooq Iz-Udin is also transporting an ornate box which doesn´t seem to open (no keyhole and it seems stuck shut). Farooq Iz-Udin doesn´t seem to know the contents of the box either, though he impresses that he has gone through alot to aquire this box and that the sale of this will sow the seed for his dreams of a future success.

While staying overnight at the Holy Traveller Inn Nox manages to steal a piece of glassware from Farooq´s cart while he is trying to gain more information on him.

Approaching Vertisse the cart is ambushed by crossbowmen and it is revealed that some of the other guard hired by Farooq Iz-Udin are allied with these ambushers, killing the other guards before the players manage to defeat them. During the fighting, one of the ambushers manage to escape. The players find a tattoo shared by all of the attackers Mark on soldiers. Farooq Iz-Udin doesn´t seem to know anything about the mark.

Upon reaching Vertisse, Farooq Iz-Udin manages to deliver the box to Zane Ru while putting in a good word for the players to him. After the trade, Farooq Iz-Udin has enough money to aquire himself a shop but sets up a stall at the main marketplace for starters, since he isn´t sure if Vertisse suits him.

Later that night, Zane Ru approaches the players, asking them to recover a copper amulet for him that has been stolen. The players do not seem to trust his motives when he tells them that this amulet is of emotional value only.

The players agree upon four horses in payment for this job, which is given to them straight away so they might faster catch up with the thieves.

The players find what they expect are the thieves in the middle of the night, holed up in the ruins of a burnt down farmhouse. Baern and Brother Frost approach to talk to them while Nox Gray and Tarak sneak around the perimeter.

As the session ends, Tarak is attempting to quietly assassinate the lookout, located some 50 meters away from the farmhouse. It is about 3 AM on the third day of the adventure.

Session ends 8th day of 6th month.



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