Robert Cosgrove

Prime Minister of the Federation


Halfling male, age 43


Cosgrove is the Prime Minister of the Federation and thus his authority belies his small stature. While he is an organizer he is also a dreamer and perhaps slightly too trusting for his job. He puts a great deal of effort into performing his duties in the best interest of the people of the Federation as a whole, being careful not to let the Federal Government interfere too much with the individual sovereignties of its city states.

That being said, while he does not have a personal agenda, many of his Ministers as well as the Mayors do. It is not uncommon for his plans or ideas to become corrupted by the inner workings of politics and/or misunderstanding, a misfortune he rarely understands as he is far too busy with his work to personally follow up on these ideas.

Robert Cosgrove

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