Jackeline Ruff

Mayor of Dusty Grove


Gnome Female, age 68


Ruff was a wanderer, her forays eventually bringing her from her home somewhere in the Feywild to the eastern outskirts of the Federation. She was inspired by its citizens and the way they made due without the ubiquitous magic present at her home in the Feywild and took a keen interest in non- and pseudomagical construction.

She is a practicalist, prefering to go with “what works” rather than overelaboration.

Her inventions eventually made her Mayor-by-proxy of Dusty Grove, while she was never formally elected, the citizens have come to rely of her in much the same way as a Mayor. This is a responsiblity that sometimes gets in the way of her tinkering. Whenever she can get away with it she escapes to her workshop, building devices that can improve the lives of her citizens, though not always successfully.

Jackeline Ruff

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