Farooq Iz-Udin

Merchant from Semni


Farooq is an upstart merchant hailing from the Nekyian city of Semni. His dreams of mercantile success has brought him to the Eralin city of Vertisse where a lucrative deal has gained him the starting capital he needs to set up his own shop, though he is not sure Vertisse is a good place for him to settle.

Having lived most of his life in Semni the people and cultures of Eralin are very foreign to him. He misses his undead servant, though he has come to terms with Eralin prejudice towards this Nekyian practice.

He is an outgoing, sociable man who knows the value of a gold piece and how a little investment now can yield great dividends later. While he is not politically interested he understands the inner workings of politics and how to make the right friends.

Farooq died on an expedition into Wychwood attempting to recover the Sceptre of Agrhari for Zane Ru, leaving behind a large sum of money deposited in a bank in Ornesse.

Farooq Iz-Udin

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