Emery Tingley

Mayor of Pines End


Elf Female, age 140


Emery was born in Prosperity, with an upbringing like most other “civilized” elves. It wasn´t until later in life she discovered her calling as a protector of the primal spirits and a vessel for the forces of nature. As such she is slightly different from the more stereotypical druids who might not see the more positive sides to “civilization”. Her skill at harnessing nature coupled with her urban history eventually lead her to become the caretaker and “Mayor” of Pines End.

As a druid, Emery puts much emphasis on the nature around Pines End. She understands the needs of a logging town and its inhabitants. While her close ties to nature beckons her to minimize the impact of the town on the wilderness around her.

She spends her days tending to the forests around Pines End, resowing trees that have been cut and performing rituals to revitalize the wilderness around it.

Emery Tingley

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