Session 04

Wychwood Expedition

Session starts on the 16th day of the 6th month.

Upon arriving in Ornesse Farooq Iz-Udin informs the heroes of a commission from Zane Ru involving an expedition into the Agrhari Marshlands to recover the Sceptre of Agrhari. The heroes accept to protect Farooq on the expedition in exchange for 5000 GP upon their return. They are also introduced to Tetsami ‘Aki’ Akalin, an old aquaintance of Nox Gray who joins the party.

The heroes proceed from Ornesse via Wildegarde where they pick up a tracker for their expedition through Wychwood. They then charter a boat to take them to the mouth of the Wych River where they continue on foot along the river into the forest.

While caught in a pocket of the shadowfel within Wychwood, almost all of the heroes and Farooq Iz-Udin are killed by vile, living plants. Nox Gray manages to escape and makes contact with Matabei via the scrying eye he is carrying. Matabei manages to perform a teleportation ritual through the eye to transport Nox out of the Wychwood back to Vertisse.

Session end on the 24th day of the 6th month.



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