Session 03

Session starts on the 11th day of the 6th month.

The next morning, the party decides to spend some of their money on upgrading their quipment while Nox Gray makes contact with his informant in the “underworld”.

He is offered an easy job where all the party needs to do is act as lookouts while others perform a “heist” in one of the houses in The Markets, paying 200GP for the trouble. They decide to take the offer.

They also meet Farooq Iz-Udin as he is pulling down his market stall. He informs them of the lack of opportunities for him and that he intends to seek his fortune in Ornesse as soon as he is able.

:Sidenote: Nox pickpockets a note from Farooq, though he has yet to decipher its writing.

Come late evening, the party stands lookout though Tarak voices his concerns for working with these shady individuals. Nothing of notice happens and they recieve their 200GP when their employers exit has finished the “heist”. Their employers mention their satisfaction and invites the party to attend a rally on the evening of the next day, taking place in a warehouse in the Shades.

As the party rests for the night, they are assaulted by assassins in their rooms. They survive and manages to interrogate the leader Jill who divulges their reason for attempting to kill the party is due to their supposed alliance with Zane Ru. They manage to convince her of their innocense to such an extent that she divulges what her allies percieve as Zane´s plan: That he intends to use the items he has procured to form a pact with a powerful extraplanar being to become able to mend the tear between worlds that is Wychwood. While this is a commendable plan, Jill´s associates do not believe in the benevolent nature of the entity whom Zane will commune. The party releases Jill on the agreement they will no longer assist Zane on pain of making an enemy of Jill and her associates.

Come next morning, the party decides to not attend the evenings rally, but opts instead to follow Farooq and protect him on his way to Ornesse. They offer their services free as Farooq did not intend to hire them.

On the road, as they rest for the night after their first day of travel toward Pilgrims Penny Inn they see the skyline of Vertisse light up as if the city is burning.

When they reach The Pilgrims Penny Inn they see a garrison of soldiers arriving. Speaking with the Captain, he explains to them that Vertisse is now in a state of anarchy as of last night and Ornesse has sent out a garrison to quell this uprising. They have a chat with the Captain and informs him of the rotten state of corruption in Vertisse and warns him that quelling the populace with violence will result in many unjust, civilian lives as the population might not be to blame for this turn of events. The Captain seems to take this to heart.

On the road from The Pilgrims Penny Inn the heroes are ambushed by highwaymen and Brother Frost is killed in action, protecting Farooq Iz-Udin and the other heroes.

Session ends on the 15th day of the sixth month.



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