Session 02

The Session starts on the 8th day of 6th month.

The heroes manage to defeat the supposed thieves and question the Half-Orc leader about the amulet they are looking for. He tells them it has been sold to a fence who just left their camp a few hours before the heroes arrived, travelling with a cart and two bodyguards towards the The Pilgrims Penny Inn and likely onward to Ornesse.

Nox Gray forces the Half-Orc (Named Jerag) into servitude in exchange for his life and they finish their rest before taking off in pursuit of the fence.

About halfway to The Pilgrims Penny Inn they find the cart overturned and the pummeled corpse of one of the bodyguards. The other bodyguard and the fence is no present but bloody tracks lead into the forest.

Tarak decides to move ahead of the party and finds the half-eaten corpse of the other bodyguard further into the forest. He gets ambushed by giant centipedes though, and is killed. He manages to alert the party and they kill the centipedes and retrieves his corpse and take it back to Vertisse for resurrection. In Vertisse they purchase the reagents needed for the ritual and contracts a priest in The Shades they have talked to before.

:Sidenote: The priest lets slip that his chapel is also used as a meeting spot for the thieves guild.

After the ressurrection, the heroes retrace their steps and continue their pursuit of the fence, leading them further into the forest. They find his corpse and the amulet in the lair of a feral ogre which they dispatch without any real trouble, though when they exit the cave, they find that Jerag has fled, taking all their horses in the process.

:Sidenote: Both bodyguard as well as the fence share the same tatoo Mark on soldiers the heroes have seen previously.

When they return to Zane Ru with the amulet, they manage to haggle an additional reward in the form of a +1 Amulet of protection from him.

As the session ends, the players are heading to bed after handing over the amulet to Zane.
Session ends around 1 am. on the 11th day of the 6th month.



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